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Diving has kind of become your life,  you´ve gained valuable experience and you want to be able to pass some of this experience on.

You also what to help those learning to dive andhelp them become excellent divers.

Well the PADI Divemaster course could be for you.


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Diver Fishing.

CatchA Diver has been airlifted from a fishing boat off the Dorset coast, after accidentally being trawled up in its nets.

A Man in his 40´s was diving at a depth of 14m when his dive was cut short when he was caught up in the vessels catch and brought to the surface.

With such a rapid ascent the diver suffered decompression sickness and a helicopter was sent to the vessel Shiraz east of Portland, from which the diver was evacuated to a recompression chamber in Poole. The diver was later discharged after successful treatment.

Portland Coast Guard are investigation the incident.

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