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Diving has kind of become your life,  you´ve gained valuable experience and you want to be able to pass some of this experience on.

You also what to help those learning to dive andhelp them become excellent divers.

Well the PADI Divemaster course could be for you.


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Thistlegorm Off Limits

One of Egypt’s most popular wreck is set to be made off limits for a month between 15th November 2007.

Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) has announced the closure of the wreck to allow for conservation work to be carried out...


Plan to close top Red Sea wrecks.

The wrecks of the Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller, both sunk in 1941 as they lay at anchor awaiting entry to the Suez Canal, could be closed to divers for up to two weeks to allow the laying of new boat mooring systems.

Open Water II: Antigua
(Antigua, 29th August 2007)

Two British Scuba Divers were abandoned for five hours in the waters around Antigua after the dive boat failed to notice they were missing before returning to port.


More Artificial Reefs...
(Sussex, UK)

British Divers could soon be treated to more Atrifical Reefs, in the shape of two decommisioned Royal Navy warships to be sunk off the coast of the UK.


More Diver Fishing
(Zierikzee Holland)

A Dutch Scuba Diver is reported to have been caught by an angler after being hooked through the lower lip.


15 Minutes, 2 Seconds

Tom Sietas has just broken the Static Apnea world record television with an impressive dive of 15 minutes 2 Seconds.


Great White Tales

As expected the reports recently that Great White sharks had been spotted off the Cornish coast were just Tall Tales.

Footage of a shark breaching in the water near dolphins off St Ives is now thought to have...


Diver Fishing.

A Diver has been airlifted from a fishing boat off the Dorset coast, after accidentally being trawled up in its nets.

A Man in his 40´s was diving at a depth of 14m when his dive was cut short when he was caught up in the vessels catch and brought to the surface.

Hoax Diver Escapes Charges.

A diver who spraked an air and sea search with an elaborate hoax will now not face criminal charges.

Matthew Harvey from Guernsey was reported missing on 2nd Spetember by his wife after he failed to return from diving...

IST Saturn BCD Recall

Sea & Sea, distributors of the IST Saturn BCD are asking all owners to return their BCD as part of an urgent safty recall.

" IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE - IST Saturn BCD The manufacturer of the IST Saturn Buoyancy Compensation Device has informed us that a potentially...


Scubapro X650 Recall

Scubapro Uwatec have issued a voluntary recall of its X650 2nd Stage regulator...

"SCUBAPRO UWATEC is conducting a voluntary recall of its X650 2nd Stage regulator...


New Catalonia age Limit.

The Spanish region of Catalonia has set a minimum age limit of 16 for sport diving, rather than accept limits set by training agencies.

According to PADI International Ltd based in Bristol, Catalonia is "now working under the national law...


Two New Instructors.

Congratulations to Scubafish’ very own Angie and Pete for successfully completing their IDC and PADI Instructor Examination in Newcastle on the 2nd & 3rd September 2006.


Revenge Attacks.

Authorities in Australia are concerned with the number of stingrays turning up on the beaches of Queensland with their tails cut off, in what some fear could be revenge attacks for the death of naturalist Steve Irwin.

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