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Diving has kind of become your life,  you´ve gained valuable experience and you want to be able to pass some of this experience on.

You also what to help those learning to dive andhelp them become excellent divers.

Well the PADI Divemaster course could be for you.


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Great White Tales


As expected the reports recently that Great White sharks had been spotted off the Cornish coast were just Tall Tales.

Footage of a shark breaching in the water near dolphins off St Ives is now thought to have been a Porbeagle shark.

And a Newquay man has admitted his picture of a great white was not taken off the north Cornwall coast but during a fishing trip to South Africa.

However media scare stories have not adversely effected tourist numbers to Cornwall. 

Tourism spokeswoman Julia Cox told said "It has not been detrimental but the effect on visitor numbers has not been great.

There have some enquiries about boat trips but not a huge rush.

I would say what it has done is put Cornwall in the spotlight and made people more aware of what marine wildlife our coastline offers".

Often Porbeagle and Mako sharks are mistaken for their larger cousin the Great White.  


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