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Revenge Attacks.

ray.jpgAuthorities in Australia are concerned with the number of stingrays turning up on the beaches of Queensland with their tails cut off, in what some fear could be revenge attacks for the death of naturalist Steve Irwin.

Mr. Irwin a TV Presenter and naturalist, better known as the "Crocodile Hunter", was killed while diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland when the barb of a stingray stabbed him in the chest.

Since then over 10 stingray have been found mutilated on the beaches of Queensland. With government officials saying they were investigating the deaths with possible prosecutions to follow.

Wayne Sumpton of the state fisheries department said it was not clear if the killings were related to the death of Mr. Irwin. He also indicated that on occasion fishermen who inadvertently caught stingray would cut the tail off to avoid being stung, but this is an uncommon practice.

Michael Hornby friend and executive director of Mr. Irwins Wildlife Warrior fund condemned the killings.

"We just want to make it very clear that we will not accept and not stand for anyone who´s taken a form of retribution. That´s the last thing Steve would want," he said.

"I hope everyone understands we have to protect wildlife now more than ever. This is what Steve was all about."

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