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Diving has kind of become your life,  you´ve gained valuable experience and you want to be able to pass some of this experience on.

You also what to help those learning to dive andhelp them become excellent divers.

Well the PADI Divemaster course could be for you.


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Eyemouth August ´05

First Two days

p8010219.jpgAs we arrived in Eyemouth you could see that the weather had been terrible and that the winds had been blowing Easterly which had meant that the dives for the Sunday and the Monday were blown out, but there was plenty to do we went up to Edinburgh which was very interesting especially the castle.

We also found a go carting p8010224.jpgtrack just about 40 minutes up the road to Edinburgh on the A1 which was a hell of a laugh, the gear that they give you to wear alone is worth the money, if you think diving gear is sexy just wait till you see this get up!!!!!  WICKED FUN!!!

A mention about the Dolphin hotel has got to be made the hotel is clean and inexpensive, the owners are so friendly and accommodating the food is such a treat, you know that when Sam [the owner] says homemade he means homemade, You have got to try the steak and ale pie it’s just FANTASTIC!

The hotel is 10 minutes walk to the dive centre along the beach.

Now back to the serious stuff

The Dive Centre

aquastars.jpgWhat fantastic people Jaqui, Peter, Martin, Stan and John are really organised and yet they have such a great sense of humour. The great thing is even if it id just the two of you diving they will do there best to accommodate you so even if there are just you 2 booked on the boat they will take you out, isn’t that so refreshing so you don’t have to find more divers for the boat to go out, this company is all about the diving which is great to see. Thanks guys for a wonderful holiday.

Some of The dives 

pres1.jpg“North Cauldron’s”                                             

We stared off with a nice gentle dive to get us going it was called the North Cauldron’s this was a visually stunning dive there was tons of life on the Cauldron’s, this dive was about five minutes from the shore so for those of us who suffer with sea-sickness this is fantastic, these dive sites are relatively untouched and are absolutely pres2.jpggorgeous.                                          

“The President”

 This is right next to the Cauldron’s and can be done as one dive, the boilers are most of what is left of the wreck and the rest is scattered around.

“Burnmouth Caves”

pres3.jpgThis was a great dive, it looks like a cave, it is a cave but the advantage is you can surface in the cave, so technically it a cavern but hey, anyway the lions mane jellyfish are fantastic a photograph’s dream just try not to get to close, the sting feels like a stinging nettles [not nice] anyway the cave is sandy bottom watch out for the little sole that are very well camouflaged and also the hermit crabs. The walls of the caves are also a treasure for hurkers1.jpgphotographers there is so much life to see both big and small so keep your eyes open and enjoy.

We enjoyed this dive so much we went back for a second!!!!!

“Chevron Rock”

This was a “hunt” for nudibrancs these little guys hurkers2.jpgare so gorgeous that it was such a privilege to see them we go quite a few photos, on this dive we also spotted butter fish and some huge lobster.

There are sea hares, polycera faeroensis and limacia clavigera they were in abundance they make great models as they are very slow moving.

“Black Carrs”

blackcarrs.jpgGreat deep dive there are loads of brittle stare fish, butter fish , lobsters as well as a whole plethora of life, there are loads of photos for you to see. To help you with deciding on sites there is Lawson Woods guide to diving  St Abb’s and Eyemouth.

“The Night Dive”

If you get the opportunity to go for one of these I crab.jpghighly recommend that you do it with a guide and enjoy the dive there is tones of bio-luminescence which is quite freaky and loads of sleepy fish and eels.


This was a fantastic place and the shop was great, the people where so friendly and the diving was lobsetr.jpgfantastic so give it a go.


Posted By Angie Davies

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