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Diving has kind of become your life,  you´ve gained valuable experience and you want to be able to pass some of this experience on.

You also what to help those learning to dive andhelp them become excellent divers.

Well the PADI Divemaster course could be for you.


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Eyemouth August ´05


As we arrived in Eyemouth you could see that the weather had been terrible and that the winds had been blowing Easterly which had meant that the dives for the Sunday and the Monday were blown out, but there was plenty to do we went up to Edinburgh which was very interesting especially the castle.


Chatham Dock Feb ´06

dock1.jpgWell we had an early start, we all met up in Epsom and head for J9 of the M25, Chatham is relatively easy to find via the M25 and either A2 or M 20 combinations. Journey time is about 1 hour from Epsom so not to bad…


SETT July ´06

sett.jpgThe Submarine Escape Training tank at Fort Blockhouse (formally HMS Dolphin) Gosport Hampshire, was constructed during the late 1940´s, and ran its first training course in July 1954.


Teignmouth June ´06

teignthumb.jpgTeignmouth is a pretty seaside town in south Devon; complete the archetypal pier and sandy beach, ideal for summer holidaymakers with their families. It also provided use with some superb diving...


Portland Easter ´06

portthumb.jpgThe Isle of Portland lies about a mile off the south coast connected to the mainland by a pebble causeway and Chesil Beach. The natural bowl formed by Portland and Weymouth have been used as a Naval harbour for centuries and was in active use by the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence until the early Nineties.

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